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Tumbrl dedicated One Direction and Ed Sheeran.

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Liam Payne | 18 | One Direction | Dating: Danielle Peazer | Open

Liam Payne.. always smiling.. always happy. Daddy Direction is the one who takes care of all of his band mates, making sure they’re okay all the time. He is the one who tries to cheer up the other lads if they’re upset. He is the one who has to scold them when they’ve done something wrong. And of course, Liam does it all without a single complaint, because he knows that if he doesn’t do it nobody will.

But what everyone else doesn’t seem to notice is that being the responsible one is starting to take a toll on Liam. He hates having to be Daddy Direction all the time and wishes that just once, people would realize his happy Liam smile isn’t exactly all that happy. Inside, Liam is breaking. He has even started taking pills to ease his depression.. though they don’t seem to be working.

Even being with Danielle isn’t making Liam happy anymore.. which is the hardest bit of it all because he loves her so much. Liam needs to find something that will replace the empty feeling in his “huge heart” because right now he doesn’t think he can take anymore.

Secret: Liam suffers from depression.


Daddy Liam 


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